Computer2.com has information about older Cell Phones (especially Sony Ericsson and Nokia), adoptions in Cali, Colombia; a Juan Luis Guerra / 4.40 concert; Breast Cancer; Free, high quality, computer software (for Microsoft Windows and for Linux ); some recommended web sites; photos and some information about our family.

Computer2.com has contact information for the Centro de Adopcion Chiquitines (Chiquitines Adoption Center), in Cali, Colombia; for any families that are contemplating an international adoption.

For any woman who finds something in one of her breasts, we have information about four (4) women whose doctors thought their problems were nothing. They all had Breast Cancer. This information on Computer2.com is extremely important for all women.

On Computer2.com we have information about our experiences with Cell Phone networks in Colombia and older cell phones. We have information about the White Screen Of Death or WSOD, which is extremely common in Sony Ericsson GSM cell phones. One of our Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman’s got WSOD, on 02 November 2007, and the cell phone company technician (Movistar Telefonica in Colombia) said it could not be repaired. Lanny fixed it, on 24 December 2007, and it was used, daily, on the COMCEL cell phone network.. Information about how to replace (Flash) the Firmware in Sony Ericsson phones. We also have information about our move from a CDMA network to a GSM network, and unlocking many of the older Nokia DCT4 based cell phones. And, information about the problems with a brand new LG ME550D Slider, which was defective when purchased and was finally replaced, by Tigo, after eight months and many trips to their office.

We have a report about the Juan Luis Guerra / 4.40 concert that was given in Cali, Colombia on 04 March 2006

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