Breast Cancer

We  know of four (4) women who found something in one of their Breasts and when they went to their doctors, their doctors thought it was nothing. All four (4)  of those women had Breast Cancer!

The two (2) women that we know personally, their treatment for Breast Cancer was delayed, eight months, and one year, respectively, because their doctors assumed it was nothing.  Fortunately, the majority of things women find in their breasts have nothing to do with Breast Cancer. Many times, the doctors seem to respond, reflexively, that the problem is nothing.  The two (2) women we know live in Colombia, where the doctors are normally excellent and very caring about their patients. One of the women went to her doctor, complaining of pain in one or both breasts. The other woman was told that she had a strained muscle. The monthly breast examination saves many lives. Don’t forget to do it! Breast Cancer awareness can save your life or the life of someone you love.

Pilar’s friend, Mardory, passed away, during November 2012. Apparently, her Cancer, which began with Breast Cancer, spread, first to Bone Marrow, and then to her Pancreas, and she then had Pancreatic Cancer. 

It is our recommendation that any woman whose doctor believes her breast problem is nothing, demand a diagnostic mammogram examination, immediately; so a Radiologist can confirm the mammogram results are normal and there is nothing life threatening!

Photo: This Mammogram image shows a Breast Cancer Tumor

This Mammogram image shows a Breast Cancer Tumor

The third woman, Lanny read about on  She was a 21 year old university student  in the state of New York and a Fox News Intern. One day, she was putting on her bra, and she found something. She went to her doctor and he or she thought it was nothing, but, fortunately, ordered a mammogram examination, probably to protect the doctor from a medical malpractice lawsuit. She had Stage 3 Breast Cancer. In nine (9) days, her tumor was three (3) times larger. During January or February 2010, Fox News Channel began airing a Fox News Extra about her. She is now employed by Fox News Channel in New York City.

The fourth woman, Lanny also read about on during October 2008. She is a woman who also lives in the state of New York and she had recently married, when she found something in one or both of her breasts. She went to her doctor and a mammogram examination was done, but apparently it was read by her regular doctor and not by a Radiologist. She was told there was no problem. Then, she became pregnant. When she was eight (8) months pregnant, she was told that she had Breast Cancer. She had a double mastectomy.

On February 17, 2010, carried a story from Reuters, about a study of Nurses in the U.S.A. who took Aspirin several times a week. The reduction in deaths, among Breast Cancer survivors, from Breast Cancer, and of the Cancer spreading, is remarkable. The study was headed by Dr. Michelle Holmes of Harvard Medical School, who led the study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

During March 2008, we watched a one hour TV program on the Discovery Home and Health channel, aboutBreast Cancer. One of the simple things they mentioned is that eating Tomatoes is very beneficial to women who have Breast Cancer. Especially Tomatoes that have been cooked.  Also, women with Breast Cancer who participated in a support group, with other patients, had a much better possibility of surviving. Women who have breast implants do not have a lower risk of breast cancer. They must continue to do a monthly breast examination.

Breast Cancer and Cell Phones: We have this web page about Breast Cancer and another web page about Cell Phones on Some of our web site visitors have searched for the combination of these topics. Cell Phones all produce radiation when they are turned on and especially when the user is talking or sending a message. According to a study done by the Environmental Working Group, released on 09 September 2009, the worst phones they reviewed had SAR (radio frequency emissions) levels four (4) times higher than the best phones. There is apparently no positive evidence that the use of cell phones causes Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, or any other type of Cancer. However, there are strong suspicions that the use of cell phones or other devices (2 way radios, etc.) that emit radiation, may increase the possibility of getting Cancer. Our non scientific belief is that if a woman keeps a cell phone in her bra, it might increase her possibility of getting Breast Cancer, but there is a much higher probability she will have an emergency and need her cell phone, when she is not in her home. We believe she should not use a cell phone with a Hands free or Bluetooth headset, if the phone is in her bra.

Please remember and never forget, if you have a problem, in one breast, or in both of your breasts, it probably is not breast cancer, but you must confirm that, with a  diagnostic mammogram read by a Radiologist.

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