Cali Adoptions Chiquitines contact information for the Centro de Adopcion Chiquitines (Chiquitines Adoption Center) in Cali, Colombia. If you are looking for a reputable adoption agency, with babies for adoption and older children for adoption, we hope you will consider an international adoption from Chiquitines in Cali, Colombia! The children in Chiquitines are waiting for a wonderful family to adopt them!

If you are coming to Cali, to visit Chiquitines, we suggest that you consider staying in the Radisson Royal Hotel. It is located approximately 15 minutes, in far South Cali, from Chiquitines. The property is upscale and is located adjacent to the Holguines Trade Center, an office center complex with many small stores, a supermarket and some restaurants. The property is across the street from the Unicentro Shopping Center, one of the largest shopping centers in the city of Cali, with many stores, movie theaters and restaurants.

This contact information is from the Cali, Colombia telephone directory we received in October 2011:

Calle 22 # 126 – 54, Barrio Pance, Cali, Colombia, South America

Telephone +57 – 2 – 555 – 1485

FAX +57 – 2 – 555 – 2400

Photo: Babies in their strollers in Chiquitines

Babies in their strollers in Chiquitines

The information below, for these adoption agencies,  was obtained from the Secretary at Chiquitines on 28 August 2009.

(1)  Gladney Center For Adoption
Tampa, FL
Raul Velez
Tel. 813-265-8444   FAX 813-269-7722

(2)  Spence Chapin
New York, NY
Tel. 212-369-0300   FAX 212-722-0675
Louise J. Schnaier 

(3)  Bethany Christian Services
Grand Rapids, MI
Bruce W. Mossburg
Tel. 616-224-7453   FAX 616-224-7611

(4)  Wide Horizons for Children
Waltham, MA
Vicki Peterson
Tel. 781-894-5330   FAX 781-899-2769

(5)  Children’s Home Society Of Minnesota,
Madonna W. King
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
Tel. 651-645-6339   

Mothers in Colombia who give up their children for adoption are very rarely involved with drug abuse. Their motivation is usually extreme financial difficulty. If you want to adopt a child, please consider adopting a child from Chiquitines!

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