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Animal Protection: Wear your own skin! Animals need their own skin and fur!

Photo of a young woman participating in an Animal Protection activity to gain publicity for the event. She is nude, but she is holding a sign to promote the event, so none of the intimate parts of her body are visible in this photo.

Animals need their fur. YOU DON’T…

One of my Facebook friends had this photo made and she posted it (“Public”) on her Facebook
page. She got my attention and I hope that I will get your attention with this blog post.

How many lives, just for one coat? Apparently, this is a very large industry in some
European countries. AnimaNaturalis International is a group based in Barcelona, Spain. On
December 6, 2015, there will be an event held in Barcelona to gain publicity for this

Dare to wear your own skin! Naked and for a cause! AnimaNaturalis invites you to be part of
an impressive campaign to flood the social networks, during the month of November 2015.
It’s a viral action is to draw attention to the cruel and anachronistic use of animal fur
as clothing. On December 6, in Barcelona, AnimaNaturalis International aims to have its
biggest demonstration ever,in favor of the protection of furry animals.

AnimaNaturalis Internacional is also involved in other Animal Protection activities, such
as Abuse, the use of animals in Circuses, Bull Fights, etc.

Pilar watched a video about how they slaughter animals that humans eat (Beef Cattle, Pigs
and Chickens) five months ago and what she saw was so horrible that she converted our
family to Vegetarian meals at that time.