On this web page we have information about our family and our interests and activities, including: Dogs Puppies Family German Shepherd Parrots Astronomy Retirement Pinschers Samoyed Income Astronomy Software Guadua

Interest 1 Animals: Dogs and a 48 year old Parrot (he died on 01 November 2012). We have three medium size dogs now . We had a female Samoyed. She was put to sleep on 24 December 2013 at the age of 14. One is a female German Shepherd and the other is the daughter of a Dalmatian and a Black dog. The German Shepherd is one of ten (10) German Shepherd puppies born here, approximately nine (9) years ago. Her mother had to be put to sleep, about five (5) years ago, because her rear legs became paralyzed. Pilar put a huge effort into trying to rehabilitate her, but she deteriorated and lost strength. On 31 August 2014 we adopted a male dog who weighs approximately 30 pounds. He is so well behaved that he is living inside our home. We believe he is approximately 2 1/2 years old now. The other dogs live outside.

A former neighbor gave Pilar a Toy Pinscher and we now have four (4) of those. The Toy Pinschers are very alert, so they are good for security, but they are tiny and extremely fragile and probably should not be in homes where there are very young children or large dogs.
Our Samoyed , Gina, had to be put to sleep on 24 December 2013 at the age of 14. She had Blue eyes. We believe that is either a birth defect or an indication that she was not a purebred Samoyed. She allowed the Toy Pinschers to use her as a mattress or sofa and frequently, when she rested, several of them would get on top of her. The Toy Pinschers eventually got the German Shepherd to let them use her as a mattress or sofa. During 2009, the Samoyed had a Tumor or Cyst, near her right ear. Pilar put a tight thread around it (an old method for castrating pigs) and when Lanny took the Samoyed to the veterinarian, she was going to remove the tumor or cyst, surgically, two days later. It fell off, before that, so instead of surgery, the veterinarian cleaned the wound and it closed by itself. Pilar gave her injections for several days. We believe the Samoyed was approximately 14 years old when she was euthanized. She was extremely obese and not very active. She was like a cat (they say that cats have 9 lives) because she had many medical problems, and survived, but she had to be put to sleep, on 24 December 2013. We dug a proper grave for her, and there was a short “Memorial” service. We have many wonderful memories of Gina. She was a great pet. Rest in peace Gina!

Photo: Gina, our late Samoyed dog


The Black dog came through a gap in the fence, from a neighbors yard, when she was a few weeks old. We returned her, several times, but she kept coming back and she seems happy with us. She is five old now. Her mother is a Dalmatian and her father is approximately the same size and Black. She looks exactly like her father. There are also wild Canaries and other varieties of birds, who fly down into our inner patio for the bird seed and water Pilar puts there for them.

Recently, we were given a Parrot that is approximately 2  1/2 years old

Photo: Genaro our late Parrot. He lived 48 years


Interest 2 Increasing our family income and a U.S. Dollar that is much stronger

Interest 3  Raising a happy, healthy and successful child, who grows up to be a happy, healthy and successful adult. Melissa is thriving in  school. She had two (2)  years of Kindergarten (K4 and K5). She is completely bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish fluently. In K5, she learned how to read and write in Spanish. In First Grade, she  learned how to read and write in English.  Melissa began a new phase of her education, during October 2012. She began taking  Distance Learning courses, from the Middle School ofTexas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD), in Lubbock, Texas, USA. She is taking 8th grade courses now and her grades are outstanding.

Interest 4 Replacing the top part of the roof of our house, with something different that does not leak. With the exception of the roof, we are very happy with our  house and the location.  We have been living in this house since March 2004. Emergency repairs were done on the roof, at the end of December 2011 and beginning of January 2012. A huge improvement. The structure of the roof is Guadua, which is  very rustic and beautiful, on the inside of the house.  We have begun replacing the top of the roof with something completely different, which seems to be a good solution and we are testing that in a small section.

Interest 5 Astronomy – Pilar has been interested  in Astronomy for many years. She has an  8″ Celestron “Star Hopper” Dobsonian telescope. Our home is only 15 minutes from our former home, but the air here is  much cleaner, which is a big advantage for astronomy and for our health too. Because we live just North of the Equator, she can see half of the Northern sky and half of the Southern sky.

Interest 6 Amateur radio – Lanny got his first amateur radio license at the age of 12.  His HF  (High Frequency) transceiver needs repair and he hopes to be back on the air in the future. 

Interest 7 Lanny became  interested in raffles after he won the first one.  The probability  of winning the lottery is very small, but these raffles are a much easier way to be a “winner”. If you do not participate, you will never win! The raffles in Colombia require that one purchase a product, but many of the  purchasers do not bother to participate. 

Interest 8 Cooking – Pilar is a gourmet cook. 

Interest 9 Travel in Colombia and the USA.  Our best vacations have been to Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas/Ft. Worth and a very unexpected side trip to Southern California, to visit family Lanny hadn’t seen for 39  years. 

Interest 10 Studying  (Pilar – University courses),  (Lanny – Linux).  Pilar   was taking Distance Learning courses from the Universidad del Valle (“Univalle”), but she dropped out, due to the construction of our new house. She had an excellent G.P.A.  Lanny wants to learn about the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and is preparing a blog ( for Pilar and Melissa to use, in the future and converted this web site from Microsoft FrontPage to WordPress.

Interest 11 Gardening – Pilar is very good at this. She has a “Green thumb”

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