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Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Internet service

A provider that had not previously offered Internet or TV or landline phone service where we live installed the infrastructure for FTTH in our huge rural subdivision.   We signed the contract for 20 Mbps service yesterday. Hopefully by the end of April they will install it in our house.

A neighbor down the street, is an Electronic Engineer for that Cell Provider. He is going to “Beta test” it, for approximately 2 weeks.  They were installing 100 Mbps service to his house, yesterday, in the afternoon. After he declares it to be solid, they will begin installing it in the houses that have signed up.

This technology uses a little box called an “HGU”.  The HGU is similar to the Modem/Router we have from the phone company for our ADSL service now.

I believe that after they install this service, that I can reconfigure our 2 WAPs (Wireless Access Points), changing from the old ADSL provider, to the new company, and if I can do that, we will have good WiFi coverage in the other areas of the house and also Ethernet service there. Our WAPs will be connected to the HGU via the existing CAT5 Ethernet cables.

The new provider cannot “Port” our old landline phone number from the old phone company, so that will be a minor PITA.

The TV service will be via Satellite, like when we had TV service from Directv Colombia. We are getting an extra “Decoder” (Set Top Box?), which at todays exchange rate will cost approximately USD $2.60 per month. That will give us TV service to 3 TV sets.

The first 2 months of service are free and the installation is free and they will give us a Tablet or Smartphone free.

We will be among the first people in this part of Colombia to have this Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology. I understand there is another city in Colombia where some of the people have been using this service for approximately one year.

Our current ADSL service was reduced from 5 Mbps to 2 Mbps, because the phone company discovered that each TV requires approximately 8 Mbps service. They do not sell that “TV over IP” service any more…