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Kudos to Zenni Optical Quality Control. Hints about PD (Pupillary Distance). Transition Lenses. Progressive Lenses. 20% Discount Code for July 2018

On July 4, 2018, we placed our 3rd and largest order with ZenniOptical.com There are a total of six (6) pairs of prescription eyeglasses in this order, for four (4) different people. Two of the pairs are for me. I ordered the same Metal Frame ($6.95 base price for the eyeglasses), for a pair I will use when I use my 14″ Laptop, and another pair with a prescription for Distance, which are being made into Sunglasses with an 80% Gray Tint.

When I went to the Optometrist at the end of June 2018, she put 61 for the PD for the Laptop glasses and 63 for the Sunglasses. Melissa measured my PD and she came up with 61. We made a mistake and we changed the PD of the Sunglasses from 63 to 61.

Kudos to Zenni Optical Quality Control for catching our error! They put our    order on “Hold” and sent me an email which included the following:

“The PD is the distance between the two pupils, center to center. It appears that the pair of #461821 with Sph +0.75 /-0.25 is single vision glasses for
reading/near correction, while the pair of #461821 with Sph -1.25/-2.25 is
single vision glasses for distance use. Normally, the reading PD is 3mm less
than the distance PD. Will you please check with your optometrist and email us your correct distance and reading PDĄŻs?”

I replied that the Optometrist had specified 61 for the Laptop and 63 for the Sunglasses and that we had changed that in error and that the Sunglasses should have a PD of 63. The slight delay because of our error will result in me having Sunglasses that are a little closer to perfect.

We are VERY pleased that Zenni Optical caught OUR error with the PD for the glasses I will use for Distance, on the street, the Sunglasses.

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We paid $7.45 for “Priority” Shipping to our Receiver/Forwarder in Miami FL USA.  They say “Priority” shipping should take about 10-14 days, to a U.S. Shipping Address, but our last order (May 2018) was delivered to them in    Miami, in 9 days, which I think is amazing, because the eyeglasses are made in China, shipped to California, clear U.S. Customs and are then Tendered to USPS in the San Francisco area and sent via USPS Priority Mail.

I am getting my first eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. These are the first         eyeglasses I have purchased since my LASIK surgeries during November 1997. My eyesight has deteriorated in the 20+ years since the LASIK surgeries. The Shipping charge is the same, for one pair or for multiple pairs of eyeglasses, to Shipping Addresses in the USA.

The Zenni Optical prices include the Frame and Basic Lenses. If one has a high prescription then the lenses cost more. Also, they charge $4.95 for Anti-Reflective Coating, which I believe is critical, and $4.95 to make them into Prescription Sunglasses (I am getting an 80% Gray Tint).  Bifocal lenses, Progressives, Transition Lenses, etc., cost more, but probably FAR less than from an Optometrist or Optical store.  Our experience is that the Zenni Optical Quality Control is very high, so if one enters their Prescription and PD. correctly, I think that almost guarantees the lenses will be perfect or close to perfect.

About PD.  We have learned about this, since placing our first order with Zenni Optical during October 2016. At that time, we ordered a pair of eyeglasses for Melissa and a pair for Pilar  That was to “get our feet wet” and see how it went. It went extremely well.     it turned out that on the old Prescription Pilar had, the PD was WAY off, which was why she had such a hard time with those eyeglasses.  Melissa printed out a PD Measuring thing, from the Zenni Optical web site, and they both checked each others PD, multiple times.  With the corrected PD on that old Prescription, Pilar was able to use the eyeglasses she got from Zenni Optical, without problems. They both got new prescriptions from an Optometrist located near the hotel we stayed in, in Bogota,    during the first week of May 2018, and I went to the Optometrist here, who had examined Melissa eyes during October 2016, during the last week of June. 

My belief is that the PD being off a few mm is not critical, but that being a long way off, as was the case with a Prescription Pilar had a few years ago, will make the glasses very hard to use.

As I told Melissa, this is our 3rd order with Zenni Optical and we are learning.

I read that Zenni Optical ships approximately 15000 pairs of eyeglasses each day and their average customer has 5 pairs of their eyeglasses. 

I believe the PD could be off by 3 or 4 MM and few people would notice a difference. However, there are some people with extremely tricky prescriptions (probably a tiny or small percentage of the people who wear eyeglasses) where even a tiny error in the PD could make a difference.  I think an error of 8 or 10 in a PD could make big difference in whether or not someone would be happy with their eyeglasses.

I suspect that few people know about the fact that there are different PDs for “Near” glasses (like Reading glasses, or the ones I ordered for using with this Laptop), or the PD for “Distance” glasses like the ones I ordered to be made into Prescription Sunglasses. When-Melissa measured my PD she came up with the same number the Optometrist came up with for the “Near” glasses I will use with this Laptop.

Had I only ordered one pair of eyeglasses and not had the PD on the Prescription (apparently that is quite common in the USA?) we would have gone with the PD number Melissa came up with, which was apparently 3 less than it should be for glasses used for Distance. Again, I doubt being off by 3 would be noticeable to most people who wear eyeglasses. 

Transition lenses have a finite life.  They will become unusable in approximately 36 months.  They wear out, like tires on a car. Also, they are not a substitute for prescription sunglasses, but are very good, if one is going back and forth, from a place with much Sunlight to inside, every few minutes. Not to be used in a car, because the Windshield of a car blocks UV and that makes it impossible for the Transition Lenses to do that. Transition Lenses worn inside a car will not darken for the Sunshine, as they would if one is outside of the car.  They would probably work quite well where we live, in a Tropical Valley, with very little fluctuation in temperature from Low to High during the day. They do not work well where it is very hot or very cold.

For me there are several “deal breakers” against Transition Lenses. The Finite life would be one of them. Many people need a new prescription before 36 months, and there are other issues that cause me not to want to buy them, but many people love them. They are more convenient than having to change between regular eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses..

I always try to remember to look on RetailMeNot for Discount/Promo codes before placing an order online and I found a 20% “Discount” or “Promo” code for Zenni Optical there, good until the end of July 2018, , at the end of June or beginning of July. Early in the morning of July 4, 2018, hours before we placed our order with Zenni Optical, I looked on RetailMeNot and that 20% discount code was not shown, but it did work for us and we saved $38.24 USD on this Zenni Optical order, by using the Discount Code gasave20     If you order during July 2018, I hope this code will work for you too. The code is gasave20

Apparently some people who try Progressive Lenses get Dizzy or Nauseous when they wear them. Three of the six pairs in our latest order have Progressive Lenses and that’s approximately 50% of what we paid for the six pairs of eyeglasses. For each of the three pairs, the cost of the Progressive Lenses was $27.95.

Many Frames cannot be used with Bifocal or Progressive Lenses.  I suspect that is because of the shape and/or sizes of the lenses that fit into those Frames.