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Dell Latitude E6410 – TrueOS Desktop

This is a short explanation of why I went from Windows 7 SP1 to various Linux distributions and ended up on TrueOS, which is based on FreeBSD.

The laptop has 8 GB of RAM and is configured well. It had become unstable on Windows 7. I would boot and it would not be able to get into Windows 7 and ask me if I wanted to revert to a previously saved version. I would permit that. Then, it would update (Windows Update) to the latest Windows 7 files. Then, it would be necessary to go back to an earlier version. Catch 22. I did a “clean” install of Windows 7 SP1 and then installed the Microsoft file with the Updates to 2016 and that went well, but when I tried to get the Updates starting in 2016, it failed.

Then, I tried various Linux distributions. Most of them Ubuntu or Ubuntu based. Also, CentOS and Fedora and OpenSUSE. Some of the Ubuntu based distributions I was not able to install. I did get CentOS and Fedora and possibly OpenSUSE installed. There were issues with the Mouse freezing constantly. At that time, my belief was that the Hardware was OK, but I was not positive that it was not the Hardware. Apparently, it is something in the latest Linux Kernels.

I read about FreeBSD, but that is more difficult to get running properly on the Desktop and on their web site I read about TrueOS. I downloaded the TrueOS Desktop .ISO file and burned that to a DVD.

So far, it seems to be very stable. I have sound, but at this time I do not have sound for YouTube and other videos, so I need to spend time on that. My guess is that I will need to change the configuration or add some files to get the Sound working the way I want it to.

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